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BREAKING NEWS - Samsunspor team bus hit by a train

2012-02-07 05:32:56

The Samsunspor team bus was hit by a train around midnight

The Samsunspor team bus was hit by a freight train on the outskirts of Samsun around midnight. The squad was traveling back from Karabuk after their disappointing loss to Karabukspor yesterday evening.

The bus conductor Recep Terzi told reporters, "It was midnight, we was crossing the Belediyeevleri intersection driving towards Doğupark. The train barrier was lifted and we were crossing before I noticed a train heading towards us, the train did not have its light on however, luckily I got a glimpse of it in the distance and accelerated. The train hit the back left tyre and knocked us off the tracks, if we had been going any slower the train would have collided with the middle section of the bus and caused a disaster."

The footballers and staff escaped with minor injuries and no serious injuries have been reported so far. An investigation into what went wrong with the train crossing is currently underway.

The crash raised fears of another Samsunspor tragedy, a similar incident occurred in 1989 however, this crash resulted in many deaths and injuries. On 20th January 1989, the team coach crashed on the way to an away game with Malatyaspor. Manager Nuri Asan, players Muzaffer Badalıoğlu, Mete Adanır, Zoran Tomiç and the coach driver Asım Özkan all lost their lives. 7 additional squad members were also injured. Samsunspor were unable to continue and pulled out of the league however, the Turkish Football Federation allowed them to remain in the top flight due to the unfortunate circumstances.

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