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Felipe Melo handed 4 match ban for spitting at Oğuzhan Özyakup

2013-01-31 16:52:23

Felipe Melo will be out of action for four games

Felipe Melo has been handed a four-match ban and a €10,000 fine by the Professional Football Discipline Committee for spitting at Beşiktaş midfielder Oğuzhan Özyakup.

Galatasaray will appeal the punishment and vice-president Ali Dürüst has criticised the ban.

"The punishment isn't just," said Dürüst.

"Our player [Melo] did not spit at anyone, our legal team will be appealing the decision."

The Brazilian midfielder has denied spitting at Oğuzhan Özyakup in the derby against Beşiktaş.

Melo said, "As God is my witness I did not spit at anyone, you can look at every single angle and zoom in as much as you want, there will be absolutely no footage of me spitting at anyone.

The Beşiktaş midfielder however, remains adamant that Melo did spit at him.

"Melo spat at me," said Özyakup.

"Fernandes and Selçuk İnan were right next to me, they say everything, I can't understand how Melo can swear on his children that he didn't."

Raul Meireles was recently involved in a similar incident, accused of spitting and making homophobic hand gesture at the referee Halis Özkahya in the Intercontinental derby against Galatasaray.

Meireles initially received an 11 match suspension however, after appealing the ban was reduced to four games.

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