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Ünal Aysal - 'There is no issue with Didier Drogba's contract'

2013-02-01 04:15:06

Ünal Aysal dismisses claims by Shanghai Shenhua regarding the validity of Drogba

Galatasaray president Ünal Aysal has dismissed claims made by Didier Drogba's former club Shanghai Shenhua regarding the validity of his new contract.

The Chinese club recently issued a statement calling into question Drogba's Galatasaray move.

"Shanghai Shenhua Football Club and Drogba on 1 July 2012 officially signed a formal contract for a period of two-and-a-half years. The club has acted in accordance with this contract, and has effectively fulfilled the responsibilities and obligations of the club.

"Currently, Drogba is still a player of Shanghai Shenhua Football Club, the contract between the two parties is still within the period of validity.

"Shanghai Shenhua is prepared to collate all the evidence and information and submit it to Fifa in order to protect its interests."

Galatasaray have however, remain adamant that the signing of Drogba was completely legal and fulls under the guidelines of FIFA policy.

"Drogba is a great player, a huge star, there is no problem with his contract," said Aysal.

"Drogba parted ways with his previous club due to non-payment of wages, this is a serious breach of contract.

"This is obviously was issue between Drogba and his former club, it doesn't concern us at all, we signed him as a free agent.

"There is nothing to prevent Drogba playing for Galatasaray."

Drogba will wear the number 12 jersey, Galatasaray shirts sales have seen a boost following the signing of Wesley Sneijder and the Ivorian international. Over 30,000 Sneijder shirts were sold on the first day of sale.

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