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Drogba recalls his battles with Liverpool's Jamie Carragher

2013-05-17 04:37:07

Didier Drogba faced Jamie Carragher 24 times in all competition whilst at Chelsea

Galatasaray striker Didier Drogba will star in LFC TV's forthcoming 'Carragher' documentary.

The Ivory Coast international reminisces what it was like to play against Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher.

Drogba said, "Jamie is an icon - a Liverpool icon.

"He spent 16 years at the club, he has been the captain and a true leader. I think even now, he is still the leader of the team.

"He did a lot of things for the club, including winning the Champions League.

"I played a lot of games against him and it was always a battle.

"When I thought I'd won the duel, he'd be there again, but it was always in a good spirit.

"That's what made him a great player."

Drogba and Carragher faced each other 24 times in all competitions - Chelsea won 10, Liverpool eight, with six drawn.

The Ivory Coast international scored eight goals - one every three matches. Carragher described Drogba as being the only striker along with Thierry Henry who he thought was near-impossible to defend against.

Carragher said, "As a defender, if a player scores against me, I usually think there is something I could have done.

"Even if it's Robin van Persie or Wayne Rooney, I'll identify a position I could have taken up, I'll think I could have got tighter or dropped off, I'll identify the flaw that let them in.

"The only different ones are Drogba and Henry. You replay a goal and, sometimes, there was nothing that could be done.

"If Chelsea get the ball on to Drogba's chest on the edge of the box and he can bring it down and turn, well, that's it. You can't get round him without fouling him, it's too late to get in front of him, you just have to hope he misses the shot. The same if he leaves you behind to go one on one with the goalkeeper.

"He's not Usain Bolt, but he's fast enough and so powerful that, even if you catch him, you can't get a foot in to make the tackle.

"You would have to run around him and you haven't the time to do that. So he's unplayable. In certain positions, there is literally nothing you can do."

Drogba played eight-years of Premier League football with Chelsea - winning the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and led the Blues to their first Champions League trophy.

The 35-year-old striker joined Galatasaray on a free transfer from Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua in January. Drogba has five goals and six assists in 12 league appearances this season.

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